6 Myths on hair transplant

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August 2, 2016
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6 Myths on hair transplant

Not everyone is blessed with a head full of luscious locks. Having thin hair or a bald scalp can impact your self-esteem and confidence. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for baldness or hair loss. This is where a hair transplant comes to the rescue. No matter what age, hair transplant is considered the safest and most effective treatment for anyone experiencing hairloss. However, despite its growing popularity, many are still in a dilemma and still seek for explanation about its effectiveness. Here are some common myths surrounding hair transplantation.

Myth #1: I am too old to consider hair transplantation:

Age is not a deciding factor when opting for this treatment. The feasibility of hair transplantation is decided as per the density of the follicular units present, thickness of hair shaft, laxity of scalp and the type of hair (curly hair cannot be considered for the procedure). It is advised to meet the hair transplantation surgeon in person for an accurate decision. Hair transplants have been done for people as old as 68 with good results.

Myth #2: Hair transplants are not permanent and the transplanted hair may fall out:

This myth about hair transplantation is completely untrue. Hair transplantation is permanent and would last for a long time . The reason for same is the transplanted hair is usually taken from the back side of the head which is usually quite strong and DHT free. The transplanted hair does not fall out. However with age, a natural shedding may occur along with other hair on your head.

Myth #3: Results are immediate:

This is one of the most common concern among many and requires patience to see the end result. The transplanted hair grows from Day 1 but needs at least 4 to 6 months to grow completely to its natural look.

Myth #4: Hair transplants are expensive:

Compared to medications and other home remedies which need constant attention and expenditures, hair transplantation is cheaper. It is also cheaper than hair fixing as you don’t need to service it or replace it every 2 years (which you need to do for hair fixing).

Myth #5: Hair transplantation is noticeable:

This myth on hair transplantation can come true if you are opting for cheap hair transplantation. The effect of this process lasts lifelong and hence it’s very essential to choose a clinic which has good surgeons and use latest hair transplantation technology. The transplantation when done under a surgeon’s guidance leaves no room for others to notice the same. However the kill of the surgeon in recreating a good hairline and giving good density to the transplanted hair is important.


Myth #6: Hair transplantation is a painful procedure

There is absolutely no pain during the procedure as it is done under local anaesthesia.There will be a slight pain while you are being injected with the anaesthesia. You will also be given tablets for the next few days till your head is completely healed.

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